Kin-iro Mosaic Wiki

Hi everyone who might still pop on from time-to-time. My name is Chris, and I've been running this place for quite some time now since adopting it from another user. It feels like it was just months, maybe a year ago since I watched Season 2, it's hard to believe it's been way longer...

This is why I hate short-runner series though. They hardly garner attention, at least from English fans willing to help out on a wikia for the series and usually by the time it does, most people have left. It's pretty sad.

Anyway I was making this because I intend to try to update little things on the wikia. Looking at some character page images I feel we can do better now since we have way more images, and I'm going to try to fix the episode chart again (I attempted it before and it went horribly) now that I know more about tables, and... who knows what else.

Thanks for stopping by!