Sakura Karasuma (烏丸 さくら?) is Shinobu Ōmiya's English teacher. She is often seen wearing a tracksuit jersey and Alice Cartelet sees her as a rival for Shino's affection, although she has no idea why.



Sakura is an adult woman with very youthful looks. She has dirty blonde colored hair worn partially back with an orange-red clip. Her eyes are yellow-tinted brown eyes worn with oval shaped glasses worn over them. Usually she wears a dress but often pulls her beloved Tracksuit jersey on top of it. 


Karasuma is a bit like Shino, though smarter and a bit more emotional. She tends to overthink things and may rush to snap judgement, only to send herself into a fit of anxiety or stress. She is very gentle and sweet to her students, and always has the best faith in them, believing that they can achieve anything as long as they keep trying. She also happens to love rabbits/bunnies to the point of often comparing Alice to them, and can incidentally sound creepy when she really wasn't trying to be in the first place. She can be a little bit childish, and stills refers to her big brother as "onī-chan" (お兄ちゃん?).


From what has been revealed, Sakura attended High School with Akari Kuzehashi, although Akari barely remembers her. They were both on the track team during this time, and at some point she was also in the Theatre Club.


  • Her zodiac sign is ♎ (Libra).
  • She has been shown to be able to eat large amounts of food.


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