Mrs. Cartelet (Mrs. Kātaretto?) is a character in the anime and manga Kin-iro Mosaic. She is the wife of Mr. Cartelet and the mother of Alice Cartelet.


Mrs. Cartelet has long, curly, pale-blonde hair that is worn in a low ponytail with a brown bow, short cut bangs that reach her eyebrows and long, curled forelocks and bright green eyes.

Unlike Alice Cartelet, Mrs. Cartelet has ample breasts, which is a contrary appearance that is made fun of in Season, Episode 3 . She is often depicted in a pale blue dress with a white frilled apron on top of it.

Mrs. Cartelet bears a striking resemblance to Alice.


Like most mothers, Mrs. Cartelet is a very kind, caring, friendly and nice woman to Alice Cartelet (Mrs. Cartelet's daughter) and other people. However, she can have a nasty temper when pushed enough; such as the instance when Karen Kujou and Alice were shown playing together as children and accidentally hit her with their toy disc.


Alice CarteletEdit

Mrs. Cartelet has a great relationship with her daughter. Alice seems to have gotten her looks from her and often writes letters to her in order to communicate.

Shinobu OomiyaEdit

During her home-stay, Shinobu got to know Mrs. Cartelet and due to her, got to know Alice a bit better. She was very kind to Shino and treated her like how a mother would.

Karen KujōEdit

As Alice's longest friend, Mrs. Cartelet has a close relationship with Karen and treats her like a second daughter.


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