Kyuniro Mosaic title card.

Kyun-iro Mosaic (きゅんいろモザイク Kyuniro Mozaiku?, Fluttering-Colored Mosaic) is a mini drama presented by flying DOG, the label Rhodanthe* is under. The specials are featuring the Rhodanthe*'s members in the anime-like activities. The duration of each specials are various but mostly are less than two minutes. The episodes can be streamed on flying DOG's YouTube channel.

Notable StaffsEdit

  • Cast: Rhodanthe*
  • Screenplay: Deko Akao (aka Hitomi Mieno or Tamachi Morinaga)
  • Production Cooperation: Tech-One
  • Costume Cooperation: Movic
  • Location Cooperation: Jissen Womens' Academy Junior and Senior High School
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