Honoka Matsubara (松原 穂乃花 Matsubara Honoka?) is Karen's classmate. She is a member of the tennis Club, alongside her friend, Kana. Her family owns a cafe.

As of Season 2, she has been promoted to the main cast.


Honoka has long, chocolate-brown hair with her bangs brushed to the left of her face. A part of hair is worn braided in a fringe, past her right shoulder and held with a pale yellow bow. She has light brown eyes.

She wears the normal school uniforms during the summer and winter seasons.


Honoka is a gentle and shy girl who cares a great deal for Karen. She was the first classmate to befriend her, but she remained quiet until growing comfortable enough with her. She is very kind to everyone, but seems to have a low opinion of herself and can become awkward when flustered.

Much like Shinobu, she has an obsession with girls that have blonde hair and views herself as a commoner in comparison to Karen Kujō and Alice.



At first Honoka was a quiet classmate who was helping Karen out, giving her snacks or trying to wake her up if she fell asleep, or even trying to help her with homework. Her caring for her friend is implied to be a small infatuation during season 2, in which her own fondness of blondes was revealed. She wishes to do more intimate things with her (like wiping chocolate from her cheek), but is worried it's too sudden. She views Karen very highly and feels that she can do better just thinking about her.


Honoka's other really good friend, who she has known longer than the other girls. They are both in the Tennis Club and often spend their time together when Honoka isn't with the other girls or busy at home.


Honoka is easily able to get along with her, due to their shared passion for blonde-haired girls. She adores chatting with Shino and admiring the various cosplay or fashions she has made. She is very supportive of Shino.


  • Merchandise of Honoka balancing on a ball is available. This talent is also hinted during the theme song for Season Two.
    • She finally shows off this talent during Episode 11.
  • When playing Tennis, she often shouts "Blonde" or "Hair" when making a serve to focus.
  • Honoka is the first background character to gain main character status within the next season.
  • She is the only one in the cast shown to be in a school club.


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