Akari Kuzehashi (久世橋 朱里 Kuzehashi Akari?) is the home economic teacher and Homeroom teacher of class 2-A. Her first appearance is a cameo during the final episode of Season 1. She gains a bigger role in Season 2.


Akari has brown hair and brown eyes, and is often seen with her hair pulled into a pony-tail on the side, held up with a pink scrunchy. She wears a formal teachers outfit in comparison to Karasuma's more relaxed attire, and is typically glaring or scowling rather than facing the day with a smile.


A beautiful young girl with a gentle soul with a very intimidating nature, she adores anything cute and adorable. However, in her attempts to get closer to her students, she incidentally scares them with her glare or scowl rather than smile. However, she is also highly serious about her work as a teacher and will not let her desires get in the way of it.



  • She was on the Track Team during her School years.
  • She has a pet cat.
  • Youko addresses her as "Kusshi-chan".


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